Silver Jubilee Magazine

Hello, greetings to you all well wishers of NCF in the name of our saviour Lord Jesus. Its a great privilege to welcome you all to our official web page of NCF Silver Jubilee Celebration. Looking back, we see how the Lord had led us, lifted us up from dust. All we can say is “Great is thy faithfulness“.

This year on October 16th 2011, our fellowship will celebrate the 25th year of our journey with the Lord, in His light and love. In this regard, we are  pleased to announce that we are going to publish Silver Jubilee Magazine, besides others. So contributions- articles, poems, photos, song writing, etc. are welcome from everyone, pass out seniors in special.

Articles can be submitted at Last tentative date for submission of contributions is 31st August, 2011. Please contact the Editorial Board for any inquiry.

Lastly, please inform about our Silver Jubilee and this web site to your friends, pass out seniors from your place(home town) who have been part of the NCF since its inception.                                                                                                                                                                                Remember us in your prayers…

Magazine Editorial Board :-

  1. Thangmuansang Guite :: 9862900945 | 8794022123
  2. Jonathan Laldingliana  :: 8575574538
  3. Evanylla Mawrie           :: 9856470419 | 8794944535
  4. Asenye Semp                 :: 9774948947

17 Responses to Silver Jubilee Magazine

  1. Manx Inbuon says:

    No matters how mischievous we might be before our Lord,He doesn’t leave us rather He leadeth us upto 25 years.Glory be the name of our Lord!!!! We also prayed that He may lead us in the coming years too.Let’s not forget to pray for the Ed. board members so that they may be able to made this silver jubilee magazine in God’s Will.Lastly,I would like to request all the visitors of this site to say your thoughts without any hesitation.One can comments here or either they can have a say in the email highlighted above.

  2. samuel tonsing says:

    It is indeed a great pleasure to learn that the NCF is publishing a magazine to mark the silver jubilee celebration. My prayers and best wishes are with the NCF for the success of the magazine and the celebration as a whole. God bless!

  3. Michael Lalmalsawma says:

    Good work and great idea for opening such kind of website, Hope this will serve as an important instrument for da success of the Magazine .. thumbs up to all da Editorial Board and wish u All da very best.. 🙂

  4. penmi kashung says:

    Hi Editorial Board,

    You’ve done a great job. Love it.

  5. Manish Joshi says:

    Hey guys..
    Through all my six years at NERIST, seeing the NCF was a really amazing part..The way you all organize the activities, the sunday mass, christmas eve, the fund raising for the church rennovation(I heard about this after passing out of the college from a friend who joined with me at BHEL).
    You guys do such an amazing job in almost everything..
    Wish you all the luck this time too..

    Just one thing…
    I always wondered why you guys never really do things this way when it concerns other activities at the institute..
    If you guys took took other things in your hands too..i’m sure it’ll be pretty good..

  6. H.Lianthanga Lt-a says:

    Greetings to you all. It’s a great work and thought making this special Jubilee site, hope it will be an important part of the NCF outreach.

    Dear visitor, please give full support to the aim and work of this site- for the preparation of the magazine and contributions of the site.

    May God bless you all for the steps you take..

  7. eren tsanglao says:

    its so nice our silver jubilee is coming soon….keep updating the news…..looking forward…..God bless…

  8. Ahor says:

    First of all, kudos to those who thought of, and manage put up this site. The Lord has indeed been so good to us, having started NCF, having built a fantastic chapel, and bringing us up to 25 yrs now soon! I’m sure we’ll have a fun-filled joyous jubilation to mark such a milestone in the journey of NCF! To God be the glory!
    I request all our executives to be extremely zealous for the cause, and all our (ex-)members to actively co-operates with them! God bless our sweet NCF!

  9. evanylla says:

    The Lord has bless us this far when there’s none a roof above us, he provided one and now we stand here this far going to be 25 years I pray that God bless all those who have a hand behind all this physically and spiritually. Thank you for all of your prayers continue to remember “NCF” in your prayers that we might one day march together to the kingdom of God with hearts full of thanksgiving for all the good things that God had bestowed upon us. ‘PRAISE THE LORD”.

  10. Robin Nokrek Marak says:

    I hope that day will be a river of joy for me..

  11. sangtea cc says:

    I wish and hope that each and every one of the passed out members will be attending.

  12. Tolerence Saka Khaling says:

    I am so excited to hear about NCF’s silver jubilee. It is amazing that 25yrs have gone by since its inception and the Lord’s hand is still very strong as it was.
    I wish the Silver Jubilee a grand success.

  13. Joseph Sailo says:

    Wow. Its gr8 2 knw abt da website. Kip it up.

  14. 'Sangma' D#01 (2K2) says:

    Lets Receive, Rejoice, and Reach out the Love of God, for our God has been showing His Mercy, Love, Care for us for the last 25 years….. For the Bible says in Leviticus 25:9
    Then shalt thou cause the trumpet of the jubile to sound on the tenth day of the seventh month, in the day of atonement shall ye make the trumpet sound throughout all your land.

  15. Neisievilie Lhousa (Former Vice Leader, NCF & Chairman NCF Chapel Construction Committee) says:

    Keep walking in the Light. Wish NCF Silver Jubilee celebration a very grand success!


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